P4Max is highly concentrated foliar product with a good balance of micronutrients. The product is designed to give the customer cell-division-driven topical growth without having to apply too much nitrogen. The product is an effective product to add to the overall spring start foliar tank, especially if you try to recover from either ice or disease damage.

COMPATIBILITY: P4Max is compatible with most systemic fungicides and other foliar products. Always advisable to use a standard jar test to check compatibility before mixing in the large sprayer especially if you have hard water.

APPLICATION: Apply using a sprayer that allows you to spray with a fine mist. The total spray volume (water + products) should be between 300-350 liters/ha. Do not use irrigation or rainfall three (3) hours after application.

DOSAGE: On greens, foregreens and tees apply 5-10 liters/ha every 7-21 days or based upon needs.

PACKAGING: Case 2 x 10 liters.


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