Renesaince is a foliar micronutrient product designed to bring essential nutrients into the plant system and especially aiding in allowing enzymes to convert amino acids into full mature proteins. Micronutrients are key co-enzyme factors allowing this process to occur. The product can be applied during the entire active growing season but especially important during the Summer and Autumn months.

COMPATIBILITY: Renesaince is compatible with most systemic fungicides and other foliar products. Always advisable to use a standard jar test to check compatibility before mixing in the large sprayer especially if you have hard water.

APPLICATION: Apply using a sprayer that allows you to spray with a fine mist. The total spray volume (water + products) should be between 300-350 liters/ha. Do not use irrigation or rainfall three (3) hours after application.

DOSAGE: On greens, foregreens and tees apply 5-10 liters/ha every 7-21 days or based upon needs.

PACKAGING: Case 2 x 10 liters.


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