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Floradox Pro is designed to assist the plant in producing mature proteins and elicit natural defense responses within the plant system for better natural disease resistance and overall plant health. It can be added to the regular foliar program, but especially prior to known disease periods during the active growing season.

COMPATIBILITY: Floradox Pro is compatible with most systemic fungicides and other foliar products. Always advisable to use a standard jar test to check compatibility before mixing in the large sprayer especially if you have hard water.

APPLICATION: Apply using a sprayer that allows you to spray with a fine mist. The total spray volume (water + products) should be between 300-350 liters/ha. Do not use irrigation or rainfall three (3) hours after application.

DOSAGE: On greens, foregreens and tees apply 5-10 liters/ha every 7-21 days or based upon needs.

PACKAGING: Case 2 x 10 liters.


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