A 30% liquid seaweed extract that is the most concentrated seaweed available. For all year-round use and can be tank mixed with any foliar or soil liquid products. rebuilds the natural suppression status of depleted soils and encourages strong root systems through plant metabolic and microbial activity. Ideal in stressful conditions. Går bra att blanda med de flesta flytande blad- och jordprodukter.

COMPATIBILITY: Super concentrate is compatible with most foliar nutrient technologies. Always advisable to use a standard jar test to check compatibility before mixing in the large sprayer especially if you have hard water.

APPLICATION: Apply using a sprayer that allows you to spray with fine droplets. The total spray volume (water + products) should be between 300-350 liters/ha. Water in the product after application or can also be applied in rain. Note, this product can be both applied to the foliage or to the soil.

DOSAGE: On greens, foregreens and tees apply 5-10 liters /ha every 4-6 weeks or based upon needs.

PACKAGING: Case 2 x 10 liters.


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